Ue5 support for Mac M1 Apple Silicon

As subject asks, does Ue5 support the Apple Silicon M1 chipset?


Works great.

I am really impressed how stable it is on 5.0.0 early access 2.

Have imported the Blueprint Contents Example and Top Down starter kit from 4.26.
Still using Intel emulation so expecting speed improvements when moved over to ARM binaries.

That’s not UE5 supporting ARM Macs, that’s just Rosetta 2 doing Rosetta things.

I’ve posted similar threads before, and even reached out to some UE community people. Closest I got to a firm reply was from… Tim Sweeney himself - Tim Sweeney on Twitter: “@ajm4k @UnrealEngine Yes, Mac development of Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and the Epic Games Store continues wholeheartedly.” / Twitter.

The wording doesn’t explicitly say M1 mac however, just Mac development. Practically there is no difference going forward, but they may be dragging their boots through the mud for a while still, who knows.

Building for the platform is already on the public roadmap, while native editor support is not. Make of that what you will.

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Do you think UE5 natively support ARM macs by Summer 2022?