UE5 static mesh editor?

it took me a while to figure out how to get the static mesh editor opening in UE4, and now in UE5 I am back at the same point.
i activated the mesh editor plugin and restarted UE5, but still cannot get it to appear.
How do I do this please? thanks :slight_smile:

edit: seems i don’t have it installed- the ‘polygon editing’ plugin isn’t even listed for installing?

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To open the static mesh editor, you double click a static mesh in the content browser. You can also right click it in the scene and select “Edit…”.

this isn’t possible though without the plugin installed.
installing it in UE4 isn’t the same as having it installed in UE5 and UE5 doesn’t list it as a plugin at all- so i cannot even install it at this point.

I’m guessing you’re talking about the mesh editor plugin. I enabled that and it shows up on the toolbar:

Never used it, but is that what you’re talking about?

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yes. it isn’t appearing for me. perhaps its the name that has changed. the documentation provides different names for it and i had been trying a variety of different ways to name it in a search but kept coming up empty.
just helpful for flipping normals.
will give it another try thank you.

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Any luck on this? I am having the same issue. Polygon Editing plugin nut even listed under available /installed plugins. Newley released ue5 documentation lets me think it should be there but its not. Polygon Editing plugin

The polygon editing plugin has been removed and you should instead use the modeling mode

Thank you for asking, I will make sure our Doc team update so that the polygon editing plugin is not a 5 feature anymore.


Thanks for the heads up!

Hello, just wanted to provide an update that several months later the documentation still does not reflect the change to prefer modeling mode.

There is modeling documentation here:

But you are correct the “Modifying Static Mesh Geometry” page is still there in 5.0 and should be removed.

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This is still not updated and when searching for the solution as to why these features are missing it still goes to the outdated documentation.

Yeah it is look under editor in version 5 it’s beta.

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