UE5 Standalone Game Player breaks my project.

One week in using Unreal and I made a project following THE IMAGENEERS tutorials on you tube for an arch-viz setup. I’ve got a big HDRI backdrop and a POV character that can move around in it. That’s about it. Works great and as expected, except when I package it or use the Standalone Game view. It appears to put my camera at 0,0,0 looking right through the HDRI so that the bottom half of the screen is just black, and the mouse controls don’t work.

No idea if that’s an early access bug or where to even look. Maddening since it works so well playing in the viewport and I don’t know the difference between the players enough to know where to trouble shoot. Any thoughts?

Oh… looks like I left out the player start actor. That’s not so intuitive to have it work in one place and not the other.