UE5 splitscreen rendering issue


I’m trying to create a local multiplayer game in UE5 using splitscreen. As soon as the second pawn is spawned and the screen goes into splitscreen, rendering artifacts start to appear.
I’ve never seen this before, and it is blocking me from creating this project in UE5. I tried disabling Lumen, and running this in a new map, but to no avail. The project settings are all on default.

Find attached a screenshot and a video of the issue happening.

If anyone knows what might be happening or even better, has a solution to this issue, that would be very much appreciated!

Video: https://easyupload.io/u9lf30

Update: Recreating the same thing in UE4 works fine with no rendering issues.

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I can confirm we are seeing the same issue.

Same issues here, changing the RHI to Vulkan fixed the issue for me

That did not work for me. Having the Clouds and textures do weird things on the right screen