UE5 sometimes randomly duplicates meshes, highlights all folliage and changes landscape on its own

Occasionally the editor does weird things. Sometimes it will highlight all the foliage without a way to unselect it no matter what you do. Even selecting individual foliage mesh will still show all foliage selected but not be interacted with.

Sometimes the landscape will deform itself without reason, or at least I haven’t found a reason why it would. It’s as if a region decided to sculp its way down without having modified the environment.

Lastly, sometimes items will duplicate itself. I noticed that sometimes when you ctrl+w it will pick something else to clone as well. So it could be a mountain very far away that gets cloned with the object that you selected. No matter if you just select one item or a few, it occasionally will duplicate random things but it seems to only go back to that one object for that session (until you restart unreal).

Temp fix for duplicate mesh: Restart unreal
Temp fix for all folliage highlighted: Restart unreal
Temp fix for random changes on landscape: Don’t know.

Also, trees that were once on an angle and were made straight ends up on an angle again when the landscape changes on its own.

Thank you for reading!


I had the same problem. At the current project, there was duplication of random assets and sometimes whole level got duplicated within itself. Other times, landscape deforms or sometimes keeps the form but it is exaggerated (a small hill becomes similar to a small cliff).

Also here. There is landscape deformation for no reason. In my level, I have a lot of instances of 7 different rock types and for some reason, some of the meshes are duplicated. Always the same mesh is duplicated, not all types of rocks. For example, sometimes small_rock_02 is duplicated, sometimes mid_rock_03, etc. Important to add is that I work with my two friends and we sync our progress thru P4V and our meshes are uploaded to g-drive and Unreal pulls paths for assets from there. Sometimes instances are rotated around the axis exactly 90 degrees. Does anyone have answers for this topic?