UE5 Simple Request


So as the title says, I and probably many others, would love to have the option to change the order in the blueprint variable list as well as the macro list.

I know you can make a category list, but to have the option to change the order even in or out of a category list would be lovely

  1. Why? Well… For people like me who has better workflow when things are organised well


I don’t have UE5 installed but this is already in UE4. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet the feature will make it.

I can’t seem to make that happen even in UE4?
How does one do that?


I’ve been always (since it was introduced) dragging these around:

Perhaps I misunderstood what’s needed.

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wow, just tried it and it works and it works in UE5…
I could have sworn that i tried it and dit didn’t work before…

Anyway :slight_smile: Thanks

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