Ue5 should not been released yet?

is it me or does it feel rushed? i see alot of people including myself finding probelms with no fixs? so many problems on the forum’s with no answers

I just installed it and couldn’t even use the editor. Every menu looked like the top left corner of the editor, and the whole screen quickly went black. I even verified the installation and changed my driver settings to be more compatible. I expected a 12.8GB download to function correctly. Yikes. BTW, I’m using an Nvidia 1080 Ti on a recent driver on Windows 10.

So many bugs there. I encountered two main bugs. First is the VirtualShadowMap not working, then whenever I want to save a level(which migrated from UE4), the engine get stucked. It’s not a good experience using the release version now.

So far things are going better than the release of 4.0.


It depends on how you look at things. Tech firms tend to ship software that’s not ready in order to get users to file bug reports. Microsoft is the worst for this, treating its users as free testers. It was the same for UE4 though. Epic don’t engage on here anymore, not in any meaningful way. So they’re heavily reliant on getting users to download the engine and file formal bug reports.

So personal survival tip… Ignore the hype. Ignore the massive PR cycle around UE5’s release. Instead, don’t ever touch a release from Epic until its a few releases in, unless you’ve just got lots of free time and are just curious and can afford crashes or instability. So in general don’t ever download a release from Epic with high expectations!! Why? Its worth reading about how recent releases in UE4 have gone to see past form. So follow threads like one for example. Ouch!

Epic have hired new staff like new community manager(s) and paid moderators. But that isn’t translating into a valuable technical loop or feedback being exchanged, or a return to 2014-2016 era where Epic devs interacted directly with users on here. So its hard for users to know what the issues are. The bug report process isn’t even transparent and itself is buggy and error prone mess. So there’s a big disconnect here, one that’s not going away anytime. So when there’s doubt there is no doubt. WAIT… Let others download and stabilize the engine (esp UDN’ers). :stuck_out_tongue:

They only got to Preview 2 which tells you it was rushed, new UE4 versions made it to a lot higher Preview builds before being released, more or less they wanted to release it to hype it up which is sad.

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Thats because its built on 4.0 so thats a given.