UE5 Shipping Build still has debug features and console

im using Unreal Engine 5.0.2 and when i package a shiping builds there still has debug menus and console enabled. It preforms exactly the same as a development build if everyone know how to fix that let me know thanks.

i really need help

I’m also having this issue. Have you fixed it yet?
I found this post and tried to package from launcher but it’s just pending there for super long time.

Heya, I finally got it done!!
Launch from the project made it pending on “Start client…” at launching step. Then I tried the Custom Launch Profiles at the bottom. Add one and config stuff (build configuration, cook content, package…etc) according what you need, then come back and hit the launch icon on the right.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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but can you still package it with the .exe?

Edit: it work!! thanks dude!!

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