(UE5) Set Selected Actors Deprecated

I was wondering if this is just because it’s currently in early-access, and intended to be added back in at a later date, or if this was planned on being fully depreciated?

Get selected actors is still in the editor; so if I overlooked a new way to set them please let me know!

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Same here. My two projects are broken in UE5 because the Editor Scripting Utilities being deprecated in UE5 EA.
For example, besides the “Set Selected Actors” also the “Select Nothing”, “Merge Static Mesh Actors” and more functions are not available, even with the Editor Scripting Utilities plugin enabled.
Please let us know when these useful functions will come back or how to replace them.

Use the new “EditorActorSubsystem” (UEditorActorSubsystem | Unreal Engine Documentation). Example:

You can find more sensible deprecation messages in the UE5 source code, using github.

Thank you for the info! It is available only from the Editor Utility Widget class though, I can’t access it from the Editor Utility Actor.
The Merge Static Mesh Actors function is not available there, a few other functions are missing as well.
I’ll try to get into the source code and investigate it but I’m not really versed in this area yet (working with source code), so any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Merge Static Mesh Actors is available in another subsystem:

… But still, these subsystems are available only from within the Editor Utility Widget class. Can’t access it from the Editor Utility Actor.

Update: The Static Mesh Editor Subsystem is accessible from the Editor Utility Actor, but I had to create a new Editor Utility Actor (tested in UE5). The old one (migrated from older project) can’t access it for some reason.

Update 2: It seems like these subsystems are available only when creating the Editor Utility Actor from the dropdown menu (RMB → Editor Utilities → Editor Utility Blueprint).
If we create it like a regular blueprint and pick Editor Utility Actor as a parent class (or reparent a blueprint to the Editor Utility Actor class), they are not available.