UE5 - Set Morph Target Value via Blueprint

Has anyone has any success setting a morph target value on a Skeletal Mesh in UE5 via blueprints.
You used to be able to use “Set Morph Target” on the actual Skeletal Mesh Component but now that has changed in UE5 and there is no oprion to “Set Morph Target” coming off the Skeletal Mesh Component.

I have a corrective morph target for some pants I have on a character and cannot for the life of me figure out how to set the required morph target value in the Blueprint constructor in UE5

Thanks in advance

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Come on friends, surely someone has managed to get this to work with UE5?
The silence in this forum sometimes is deafening :joy:

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Edit: After digging into the engine source, I see that my last reply was off-base. It looks like this function was marked explicitly as being unsafe for use during construction. I’ve got a different option I’ll play with tomorrow and post an update if something useful comes out of it.

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Okay, you can still successfully call Set Morph Target with a little workaround. This comes with some danger, but here’s the summary – place your call to Set Morph Target into its own function in your blueprint. You can then call this new function from your Construction Script.

There’s some risk to this, though! The Engine code is marked to keep people from making this call in a Construction Script. If something were to go wrong in the Construction Script, I think you can get into a state where it’s no longer possible to edit the Blueprint. I believe that’s the reason it’s set up this way now.

To mitigate this risk, I wrote all of the code which fiddles with morph targets in C++ and then invoked that from the Construction Script. If something were to go badly wrong, even if the editor were to no longer start, I can always make the necessary changes / removals in C++ and get back to a good state.

In any case, take care with this and make sure you’ve got a good way to back out if something goes wrong in a Construction Script. Good luck!

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