UE5 Sequencer Rendering with missing Actors

I’m trying to migrate some long cinematic sequences from UE4 to UE5. It all looks good while playing the sequences In-Editor and PIE, but when I try to render the sequences with MRQ several (Sequencer) actors disappear on the render or get detached. It seems to fail randomly as if it was memory related but I don’t get any warnings on the output logs. Any ideas? It seems to work better if I place the shots one by one in a new master sequence created in UE5, but it still fails if I try to copy/paste the Shots tracks to the newly created sequence.

Just had the same thing happen to me while playing around with UE5.4 and PCG. Noticing that when I bumped up my resolution to do my usual 2k Final render from my 1k Test renders, that UE was only rendering out about 50% of the actors in the scene. No Render warnings. I had already gone through and reduced all my textures down to 1k and converted everything in the scene to Nanite during my test renders, so I figured I was good to go for Final Render. I’ve never had this happen to me before. Only thing that works to fix the issue for me was to reduce my output resolution.

Would be interested in any other possible work arounds. Thanks.

Have a look at your GPU when you are rendering. If things get near the ceiling when you are rendering all bets are off. For better or worse UE will start ejecting things from memory in an effort to save you from crashing.

Also have a look at the Game Overrides section in MRQ. By default I believe it has texture streaming disabled. By simply enabled texture streaming has saved many a render job.