UE5 Scalability Settings?

I might be missing something obvious but am not able to find the ‘scalability’ settings in UE5, prior they were under the ‘Settings’ menu.

The reason that I ask is that each time I restart the editor: r.streaming.poolsize gets reset and a warning is thrown referring to being over budget on the Texture Streaming Pool. I can reset it, but how to keep it at a set amount between sessions?

In the top-right corner of the main UE5 window, there is the “Settings” menu, under which is “Engine Scalability Settings”.

That’s it! Thanks, hadn’t noticed that icon.

If you have grass placed with foliage tool, and that grass instance has Density Scaling set to enabled.
Don’t change foliage scalability, to med/high/+higher
it will crash, current bug.