UE5 Root Motion Montage issue

I’m having an issue with Root Motion in UE5. This is from an older anim set (around 4.1). Other assets work fine. These work fine in UE4. They’re played in a montage. I don’t know much about animation outside of UE. Any ideas?

Here the animation is just retargeted + additive set to local space, and maintains root motion but is mangled.

Here the animation has been resaved with: Create Animation > Current Animation > Preview Mesh, (which fixes anims for UE5 that don’t have root motion. It’s a pretty standard step I’ve had to do for most animations in UE5 but most don’t require root motion.) and now it looks good but has lost root motion.

UE4 simply retargeted working as intended.

(Also the forum required me to “pick a version tag” 4-27 in order to post but this isn’t related to 4-27.)