UE5 Roadmap?

I was wondering if a Roadmap for the development of UE5 is available somewhere.

This would be helpful to know if/when Lumen and Nanite will support VR someday.


I was wondering the same thing for the same reasons. Let me know if you ever hear anything.

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I want to know if they have a plan to update the early access version, at the moment vertex painting is broken, and it will be a pain to wait to 2022 for 5.0

In the unreal engine issues tracking site, some fixed bugs are targeting early access 2, so I assume there will be updates that fix bugs. At least they had plans back then, but it might change in the future.

Download and build sources from Github, it’s updated many times each day. “UE5 main” branch has more updates but is less stable than early access branch.

They mentioned something akin to that in one of the livestreams.
Not a full roadmap, but something similar to it.

Regarding Lumen specifically, according to @anonymous_user_f2b8b290 in the recent Lumen stream, dynamic GI in VR is “infeasible” due to “extremely high resolution and framerate requirements” so they “are not developing Lumen for VR”.

IMHO, given enough time and advances in processing power that’s bound to change, but it looks like it’s simply not on the roadmap currently. I’m a huge fan of and advocate for VR, and this is a splash of cold water, but it only seems reasonably given the technical underpinnings of the system as explained in that video (very much worth watching the whole thing).