UE5 rendering weird tracers/afterimages

Like the title. Its only really apparent around moving objects such as characters or debug shapes. It becomes super apparent when Lumen is enabled, giving a crazy acid trip tracer effect. While that’s cool and all, it doesn’t really help. I can’t find any answers on DDG, and I’m not too knowledgeable on rendering and whatnot, perhaps one of you knows what’s going on? Thanks!

^With Lumen enabled

Another example.

In the meantime, I’ve found that the tech hex tile starter material I was using on the landscape greatly exaggerated the effect relative to the matte cube material that comes standard on all the starter level geometry, I have next to no experience in materials so I’m not sure if this information is even relevant or why it would have that effect. Maybe someone who knows how materials work can see a cause and effect relationship here? It still shows up against matte materials in the form of “shadows” as seen above.

I’ve also found that this isn’t specific to this project, all other projects have the same bug, nor is it related to some post process effect as far as I know since the image above was taken in the anim preview viewport.

Since there quite literally isn’t anything on the internet about this I can find I assume this is a pretty rare bug and is most likely has something to do with my system in specific. I’ve updated my graphics drivers multiple times since I installed UE5 last June, and the problem hasn’t gone away. Like I mentioned in the OP I don’t have much knowledge on rendering so I’m not sure what else to try. Maybe an older driver from around UE5’s release would fix it?

That’s Temporal AA hard at work, the problem is known as ghosting.
As far as I know the only solutions are: switch to forward renderer or wait until DLSS becomes viable.
I’m definitely not an expert, maybe someone more knowledgeable could expand on this.
I’d like to know how do other engines go about fixing this issue and what does Unreal’s roadmap look like regarding AA.

This is a huge help, Thank You! Now I know what I’m looking to solve. That’s half the work in learning unreal is finding out what keywords to search for and what your problems are even called lmao.

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