UE5 Render Sequence textures and lighting issue

Hi everyone,

I come to u with a wierd problem about ue5 render sequence. I just create some environment project and wanted to render some shots but after rendering to avi i noticed that some light and textures r completly screwed. In viewport mode and cinematic mode everything is ok, after use high res screenshot things are as they should be but when i render a video, its broken. In ue4 its work fine but in ue5 it is what it is.

Here r some screens with the issue.

When i set the viewport to shaders complexity and quads, this is what i see:

The model and the UV’s was created in Blender and textured in Quixel mixer

How is that posible if i have uv maps correct… This is the first time i’ve got that kind of wierd problem when i’m working on a costum model mesh. Help pls