UE5 Render Sequence Issue [UE5]

Image 1

Image 2

I am trying to build an Environment in Unreal Engine 5. So, I have got all the assets from Megascan in Nanite quality. After placing few assets I have tried to give it a sample render test to see how it looks. The Image 1 is the actual view what I see in the View port, But after rendering in Movie Render Queue suddenly there is change in the textures all the textures got scatters as you see in Image 2. Please, can anyone help me why this is happening.

Maybe it is a nanite issue? Try to disable nanite of the meshes, by right-clicking on the meshes and choosing nanites > disable. and then render.

I am planning to use nanite for all my works and this could be a problem, till ue5 comes out. Hope it is a render sequence issue.

@Famekrafts.com Thank you for your response. Yeah its working after disabling nanite. This issue has to be fixed by UE5 developers.