UE5 removed from drive and cannot repair?


After installing Unreal Engine 5 via Epic Games Launcher, it was removed from the drive and now I cannot launch it as it says “Repair”. Makes sense, as the files were removed, but I cannot repair or uninstall the engine now.


See the error above. How can I maybe stop the game launcher from wanting to repair or uninstall, and just be able to install it again?

Thank you.

Can’t say if it will work but, try uninstalling Epic Laucher; then, through explorer, delete the “Epic Games” folder in both “program files” and “program files (x86)”; just to be safe, reboot the computer/device and finally try to reinstall EL and UE.

I was wondering if I should give this a go, but was hoping for a more straightforward solution. I will wait awhile in case somebody has a definitive solution, otherwise I will try as suggested.

Thank you.