UE5 (Release)- Right click UI disappears/Drag->Create node menu Disappears

After working in the editor for a while, the right click menus will instantly disappear.
They are there since, if you hover your cursor around where it should be, you can see the tooltips pop up (and immediately disappear as well).

The same is true in the asset editors/blueprint editors, if you drag to create a new node, the search menu does not appear, but if you type in precisely what you are looking for and hit enter, the node will be created.

Seems to happen even if i have the default map loaded, or any other map.

Anyone else have anything like this happen?

Didn’t happen in Preview 2

EDIT: I spoke too soon before this reply, but leaving its content as the symptoms might be relevant. Once the problem starts, it affects all open apps/windows (including other UE version editors that are open) and only a restart of UE5 editor solves it.

(Initial reply)
I noticed it happening in 4.26 as well now, so its something else going on with my end.
Either the “newest” nvidia drivers, or something else running on my end thats interupting tooltips/popups.

Restarting UE5 editor seems to solve the issue… Now i’m not certain precisely what is causing it. It only starts “after” loading up UE5 editor and having it open for a while.

AFter further testing, This problem occurs when using the Asset/BP Editor window “maximized” (which is my preferred view for working in bp’s).

after a short time, the right click menus and popups stop working correctly.
Tested this several times, and also used the editor without any issues all of last evening in “minimized” view. Switched to Maximized and it broke.

Once the problem starts, if I Minimize the Asset Editor window again, right click and popups work intermittently.

A restart of UE5 editor is required to resolve it.

AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
32 gb Ram
Geforce GTX 1660