UE5 & Quixel Bridge Not Integratting

Hello, I got UE5 on my 2021 iMac and everything works smoothly until I go to open up Quixel Bridge to try inside of UE5 where it tells me "Web Browser plugin is not enabled. Please enable it in the plugin manager to use Bridge." I have tried basically everything I can think of at this point and have not found a solution online. If anyone has any advice I will gladly take it.

If you have not already, one solution you can do is to check your plugins. From there, you can perform a search and enable the Web Browser plugin. You can find your plugins by going here (please see the attached image).

Once you have located the plugin, click on the box. The editor will prompt you to restart. Please do so. The editor will restart on its own the plugin will then be enabled.

I just tried that again and the same error message is popping up. Please see attached image below for error.