UE5 Project Corruption from Take Recorder - The "FReEze"

Finding that after closing out a project, and then coming back in, that if I try to load a Take from the Cinematics folder it will often not load and freeze the project indefinitely.
But this freeze not only makes you need to force close UE5 and restart project to get back in, but it also corrupts the whole project then after, where the following things then will also make that project freeze:

(1) opening a map
(2) right-clicking on assets in a folder
(3) hitting Play/Simulate, in any part of the project
(4) opening other previously recorded Take

FYI - This Corruptive Zombie-Virus of a Freeze with the Take Recorder does not occur in 4.26.2.

Same problem here.
I have a scene with metahuman inside.

A very short take of 15 secondes can load, but longer can’t load and FREEZE UE5.