UE5 Preview not showing up in Library

The only “new” version I get when I click Engine Version Plus is 4.25.4. What’s Up??
I deleted UE5 Early Access to see if that would help - it didn’t, now I don’t have any version of UE5

Above this text there is a dropdown

There should be a small arrow to the right of “4.25.4” that will let you select which version you’d like to install.

For a visual, scroll down to the TIP box here: Installing Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

Hi all, UE noob here (coming from Blender), I also can’t see where to dl this UE5 preview. Nowhere can I find a link on any webpage or on the Launcher.
Should I even bother with UE5, or just start with 4.27?
Scrub that - I found it, well hidden under the plus sign on the 4.27 install polygon/lozenge doodad.
19GB - yay :frowning: