UE5 pixel depth offset potential issue/ black dot artefact on model when close up

Hello everyone!

Currently developping on UE5, I have sometime to use marketplace content from the UE4 marketplace.
In order to do so, I download the asset and import it inside a UE4.26 project and then I migrate the marketplace files inside my UE5 project.

Well some assets use shader technics that aren’t supported in ue5 sometimes like subsurface, but this time around, I found that pixel depth offset creates some issues.

In the follow image, I’m going to show the exact same asset from a very close angle and proximity and you’ll see that the UE5 side (left) has some black dots artifacts.

It is even more visible in real time as it is flickering, the solution for that kind of problem is to remove the pixel depth offset pin from the material.


Is this a known issue? Is it normal behavior from the current state of UE5? If no one has an answer, at the very least I hope it will help some of you out there.

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