UE5 Physics Asset, body not in sync with anim

UE5, Setting up a robot character with a flap. Made it a physics asset with a constraint, but it like yo yos a few frames behind.

Thought maybe anim too fast, so slowed it way down, still lagged way behind. Never had this issue before so threw the assets into ue4 and set it up the same and it worked exactly as I would expect.

Any clues whats going on ? some new setting to flag on / off to get the physics simulation and anim in sync.

To further add to the confusion of the matter there is no linear movement enabled on the simulation

Thanks in advance!

further testing, if i just treat it like a rag doll, simulate and shake the hell out of him it all stays connected fine. So its gotta be something in relation to the animations.

I ve already tested changing the tick groups to no affect, as this shows up in the phsyics editor and in game out of sync

Found tick physics async in the physics settings had been enabled by another team member. Turning this back off fixed it up!