UE5 on iPad Pro M1

The Unreal Engine is a wonderfully powerful tool for studios and indie artists in film, television and games. Looking forward to bringing the full benefits of UE5 to the show. With that regard I’m wondering if Epic has a plan to bring UE5 to the iPad Pro since it now includes the M1 processor, up to 16GB RAM, support up to 6K video and Thunderbolt 3? Combining the two powerful tools would bring increased flexibility for artists whether in the studio, in their SOHO or on location :sunglasses:

Probably unlikely, even though it uses the same CPU as some of the current Macs it’s not running the same operating system. Currently the M1 Macs don’t support Unreal Engine either so that’s also a problem.
Also, It’s not really that powerful if you were wanting to do game development.