UE5 not launching on Mac

To my dismay UE5_EA will not launch on my Mac running Mojave. No previous problems with older engine versions. No error messages, no new processes opening. I wasn’t able to see any log files. The Epic Games Launcher indicates that UE5 is running, the launcher window hides, and nothing happens. Upon reopening the EG launcher window, it shows not running. Same result when I try to open a UE5 project I built on Windows; nothing … Also I’m not the only one with this problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/6uzpj7/launching_ue_from_epicgames_in_mac_trouble/

edit: update - upon launching the editor from the engine binaries folder I received a message that I need OS 10.15.7 minimum. Currently updating and will add another update if this is not the issue.

Reinstall the program. Maybe this will help.

did that, restarted my machine etc. … the problem I believe is the OS needs to be higher version than for UE4. Currently updating my OS.

Also, if you’re using an M1 Mac it may not be officially supported

Yes, I’ve seen those rumours. Fortunately it looks like all is clear for now. I updated the OS and the engine is launching.

I was able to install and launch default 3d person scene on M1 MacbookAir. It takes a while for everything to install / compile initially, but once done, it works fine for me so far

I didn’t have any other UE installations prior to UE5

DId you install Catalina or BigSur? or just updated Mojave?

I was almost certain that it could run on Mojave. It didn’t tell me there would be any incompatibility until it recently forgot where the installed version was even located.
…which makes me want to delete everything associated with Epic Games and Unreal Engine altogether, since it took forever to install the first time and now it won’t recognize that it’s already installed. That, and the launcher keeps crashing.
Anyway, I don’t get why Unreal has to be incompatible with Mojave. Apple’s problem where it revolutionized macOS is not the only issue here; why is 5.0 designed for Mojave when–

The launcher just crashed again. I’m done.

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