UE5 not importing model with rig correctly

beginner developer here.
Im taking my first baby steps into the world of development and for that reason I created a very basic model in blender, gave it a very basic rig and a very basic animation:

I then exported said model from blender to .fbx using the standard settings, except for setting smoothing to ‘Face’.

Whether I select the whole model and rig and export only ‘selected objects’ or whether I dont select anything and just export everything, the result was the same.
I then imported the .fbx into UE5 using again the standard settings:

As you can see under the ‘Static meshes’ tab it shows all the cubes etc. that comprise my model.
However, after importing it looks like this:

The complete body of the model is missing with only the two horns showing. I added those after doing the animation and they are the only part of the mesh that have no rig attached to them.

When I just select the mesh (without the rig) and export and import that it looks like this:

Even though the legs are white for some reason and the rest of the body isnt, at least its one step closer…So Im assuming it has something to do with the rig but being a complete beginner thats where my expertise ends.

Do I have to change some of the standard settings?
Any help is, of course, much appreciated.

If you send me your blend file I can check what is wrong. I’ve wasted countless hours with all sorts of export problems, probably I can help.

Hello there and thank you for replying.
I managed to import the model via a blender addon now and that seems to work.
However Id still be interested in knowing why it wouldnt work the ‘normal’ way so Ill happily send my model to you.