[UE5] Not able to retarget animation asset?

Hello, coming from UE4.27 and UE5-EA it was still possible to duplicate & retarget to another skeleton. With UE5-0 I am unable to proceed with said operation.

What do I need in order to retarget these animations to another skeleton?

If I remember correctly you have to make an IK Rig for the source and target.

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I found out there is an option to share animations between compatible skeletons, which was just the thing I needed :slight_smile:

FYI this is done by opening the skeleton with the animations you want and window->Asset Details you can choose your other skeleton you want the animation to work with. I did this in both skeletons pointing to each other, not sure if that is required but it now makes the animations share perfectly.

This is correct but probably worth mentioning for others that might find this thread that the old 4.26+) way of doing animation re-targeting has been superseded by the new full body IK Rig/retargeting blueprints system