UE5- NDI Broadcast Actor crashing when broadcasting

Hi all, first time posting here as i’m on my wit’s end and my whole project hedges on this.

I’m using UE5 with NDI 5 tools to broadcast an output to Resolume for a VJ setup. I have an NDI Broadcast Actor on my scene with the appropriate media senders and the right Blueprint setup- it tells me that a signal is being broadcasted and all is working when i hit Play.

However as soon as i try to open the output on NDI Studio Monitor or inside Resolume itself, my UE immediately crashes and sends me the following error message:

I’ve tried reinstalling NDI 5 tools, redid the whole setup, and even porting the project to another computer and the same crash still happens. I did the same setup with UE4 and NDI 4 previously and it worked without a hitch, so i’m not too sure what is going on here. If anyone has any advice or knowledge on this, anyone knows what im doing wrong or overlooking? Thank you in advance.

I also spend lots of time to solve this issue
try to change the default renderer DX12 to DX11 in project settings

ref: NDI sdk, unreal 5 and DX12 | NewTek Forums

Yea thanks for the solution, i found it out too after more digging. DX11 makes everything looks much worse and wasn’t worth it for what i am doing, so im settling for a workaround for now. Hope they get it out with a fix soon.

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