UE5 Music Video - dedicated to creative night owls!


My friends and I made a music video together (for the first time!) using UE5.

Would love to know what you think!

Here’s a short vid of how we created it: Minhy [mini] on Instagram: "3 months condensed into 2 mins 🤓A glimpse of how we made the ‘Dead Of The Night’ music video! Full music video now available on Vimeo - via my bio 🤗 Directed by: Minhy Technical & VFX Specialist: @rhys_arkm Animator: @thuanphuynh Concept Designer: @art_bleed Created in @Unrealengine Special thanks to #billymadison 😜"

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey @anonymous_user_b678278c!

Welcome to the Unreal Forums, and thank you for sharing such a stunning music video to a beautiful song! You and your friends did a fantastic job with this visual. How long did it take to create this masterpiece?

Will your team continue to create more visual projects to illustrate future songs you create?

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Wow, this is really cool!
Banging song too!

I really like the zoom-out and spinning, resulting in the statues coming alive. really fits the song.
(tiny nitpick) Might be neat to focus on that per-character a little more before the animated stills.


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Hey !
Thank you so much for your kind words!
It took us around 3 months on and off (as we had to work between projects), but I’m super grateful for Unreal’s real time rendering, as this saved us sooo much time.

I hope we’ll collaborate again - I think we’ve got a good thing going! Thanks so much for watching!!


Hey @ !
Thanks so much for your feedback!
The music video is actually based off the concept of a zoetrope, if you’ve seen those before?
That’s where the spinning and animation came from :slight_smile:
So happy you like it!

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yea, I have seen those before, even had an old childs-toy that worked the same way.
It helped me understand how movies where made when I was very little :slight_smile:

So cool that you had one of your own! And got that understanding from a young age :slight_smile: First one I saw was at a Pixar exhibition…my mind was blown :exploding_head:haha

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It’s no problem at all! The music video came out spectacular for three months of working on and off on it. I hope everyone involved comes together again to do more great work inside of Unreal Engine for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for sharing again! :sunglasses: :+1: