Project Status: Finished
Student Submission: No

Hello everyone, glad to be here for my first Unreal Engine Challange. My name is Michael and i want to show you my work within this Topic.

The Final settings are made and here is my submission. It was a spontaneus decision to pick a Museum Scene. It is an Intressting Challange to create a story, design, and concept for especially with Ligthing as the main Challange goal. An Interrior Scene is one of the most challanging Environments for me to create cause you might not have unlimited options to choose and also you need to be very carefull with your settings. Ive used some Models from the Marketplace Assets aswell the fabulous quixel megascans.
This saved me a lot of time and it wouldnt be possible to achieve something like this besides my fulltime job.

Link to the Video Submission

And of Course some Screenshots from The Project:

It was fun to create the enviroment for this Challange and as always a huge impact on learning and exploring Unreal Engine. This is just the beginning with my Unreal Expirience.
i hope you enjoy it.

Good Luck to all Participants!

greetings, Michael

Engine version
-UE5 (5.0.2)

Artstaion Post: ArtStation - Museum

Credits to sourced content:
Dekogon Studio - Ancient Treasures / UE Marketplace
Unimodels - Rustic Doors Vol.1 / UE Marketplace
Virtual Museums Malopolska / Sketchfab
jschmidtcreaform / Sketchfab
Fran Calvente / Ployhaven
Kirill Sanikov / Polyhaven

And special Credits and thanks to William Faucher and Pasquale Scionti for creating understandable and detailed Content, without you the world of Unreal Engine and CGI would not be the same.

Thank you !!