UE5 Movie Render Queue doesn't export wav file at render remote option


I’m using movie render queue for my asset export phase. (Reactica)

It’s working without any problems on 4.27 (export wav and sequence images with render remote option) but with the same settings in 5.0, I can’t get any export audio on movie render?

This is really important phase for sync audio and video( with davinci resolve)

Also seems export audio “file name format override” settings on Movie render default is “empty” like in SS.

I tried to give some name(like same in 4.27 : {sequence_name} ) but no luck. I can’t get any wav file export after render.

Is it broken or bug?

I came up with the same problem,I cant exort audio either…Can some one help??

I can export audio in MRQ manualy, but no wav output with blueprint.

Hi here is workaround fix,

I just add delay function with 2 seconds event begin play phase on BP and export with “render local” option of MRQ after that cut that exported 2 sec on davinci resolve. seems everything ok.

If you dont add delay function on BP, sequence doesnt sync for desired audio.

In 4.27 we can avoid that issue with “render remote” option of MRQ but in 5.03, that feature doesn’t working.

Same issue here, I’m not able to export any audio attached to a actor. Only audio cues that are direct into a audio track are exported, resulting in 2D audio only.

Does anyone have a solution for this ? I’m on UE 5.1