UE5 Movie Render Queue Colors Washed Out

Hi all,

In UE5 and outputting cinematics with movie render queue. Im noticing color spaces between 8bit image outputs and Unreal viewport do not match. Colors are washed out and desaturated. I have checked all post processes and everything looks correct in my CinemaCamearActor.

By default Im working in sRGB colorspace in project settings. Why are there discrepencies between viewport and Movie Render Queue? Is it required that I use OCIO for consistent (WISYWIG) results?

Anyone at all? Does anyone ever reply to these forums?

If no one ever responds to messages here, what is the point of having this forum at all, Epic?


@polygonfuture I just discovered the same issue. Did you have any luck resolving it?

5.1 preview 2. I’m experiencing same issue with path tracing. Can’t figure what is going on.

Are you rendering in .exr?

Something here might help

I experienced this as well. When rendering 8-bit image formats like jpg or png the end result would be washed out.

Rendering as an EXR allowed me to correct the exposure correctly in post but it seems like the Movie Render Queue is color grading, or not grading as the case may be, the 8-bit formats as if they were 16/32 bit formats so they come out very flat.

I would imagine they will fix it in the shipping version as it’s surly a bug, but you can use EXRs as a work around for the moment

I just had this problem but finally managed to resolve it.
In my case it was some enabled settings in the plugin LensAndFilmPostProcess that caused desaturated colors/washed out image in movie render even tho it was completely fine in the viewport lit mode. By disabling film grain and chromatic aberration it started to render as it looked in the viewport again so I guess try and disable all your plugins 1 at the time to troubleshoot this kind of issue :slight_smile: