UE5 Mount Archery rider AO

Dear All:

My project is about on horse battle, I’ve set up shoot on horse but the AO doesn’t work as u can see in video.

What I know is whild it riding the controlled character is the horse, and how can I get the correct yaw and pitch for the rider’s AO when it on horse?
I was wandering that it’s not the rider character’s pitch and yaw, because I tried and it doesn’t work. If it is correct and how can I get the horse’s yaw and pitch pass to the rider’s ABP?

Plese help, and thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
My Horse Archery

Its the same formula as before, just different inputs.

Before you got the difference from the characters forward vector, etc. Just replace that with the horses forward vector.

How you get info from one blueprint to another isn’t straightforward to answer. There are many possibilities. It would help to show your animation blueprint as it is now, then it may be easier to suggest possibilities that could fit.

I can’t post photo here.
Please check my document