UE5:module 'unreal' has no attribute 'OnRenderMovieStopped'

I had used UE4.27 with Python Script,
I was use the Python to create the Sequence ,
so I have to import the script which called “Movie Render Queue”,
It was run successfully in UE4.27.
When I use UE5.0 to run the same Python Script,
and I also import the “Movie Render Queue” in UE 5.0,
the program still throw out the Eroor which call:
Error: AttributeError: module ‘unreal’ has no attribute ‘OnRenderMovieStopped’,
How can I use UE5.0 to play this python script?
Or I want to consult is that what including should I use?
best wish!
thank a lot!

I had solved my question,
when we need to create the sequence in UE by python script,
we need to import the script which called “Sequencer Scripting”,
and it can help us finish the work and solve our question,
best wish!
hope it can help you a lot !