UE5 ML Deformer Effect both Sides

Hello, how are you? I’m new to the forum and not sure if this post is meant to be made here, but I’m trying to use MLD and within the UE the rotation motion affects the deformation on both sides. Has anyone had this problem and can you help me please?

Hey @alexdfx, thanks for posting on the forum!
I actually believe this is part of the way the machine learning algorithm is trained to behave with cloth dynamics. If it’s not particularly what you’re looking for I’d recommend trying to mess around with your bone structure and its parameters until you get your desired feel/look.

I hope this can help!

Hello @ZenLeviathan ! Thanks for the reply. I will try to explain what I want to do ok! What I’m trying to do is create an animation and fabric simulation in Maya using Ziva Dynamics and export an alembic to the UE. So far it works perfectly, the only thing that is going wrong is that inside the EU when I move an arm for example, the opposite side deforms too. I have no experience with the UE, so I’m hanging on for help. I don’t know if I could explain clearly.

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Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for playing around with the ML Deformer!
Can I ask you which version of UE you are trying out? Also one thing that really helps is to only include the bones that are actually animated in your training session. There is a button for this in the UI as well, in case you are not using this yet.
If this isn’t something you tried yet, I can advise to give it a shot :slight_smile: It can also be that we need some adjustments to the training data. With different amount of joints rotating at the same time.

Hey @JohnVanDerBurg , thank you for your help. I’m using the UE5.

I hadn’t tried to export only the animated joints yet because I thought I should take the whole skeleton. I will try to do that.

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