UE5: missing Flow Control options


In UE5.0.2 certain Flow Control options are missing for me- e.g. there is no “For Loop” available.
These are all Flow Control options I see, even without context sensitivity:

I tried verifying the instalation and it didn’t help.

Does someone hana any ideas how to fix this?

This is going to sound bizarre, but go to another blueprint, put a for loop node there, then copy and paste it into your current BP. It will work from then on…

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…this really is absurd
But it worked, thanks a lot!

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Hi @ClockworkOcean, that’s really very strange. Thanks for sharing that tip. Is this a known accepted bug? I could not find anything on issues site.

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I have seen it here…

Hey i got this code but do once doN GATE multi GATE none of these flow control nodes wants to reset it manually it either keeps resetting or dont at all