UE5 Migration bug since EU4

First of all Congratulations to the Unreal team for version 5. really impressive with the free stuff and examples.

Here are the biggest problems I have since UE4-UE5. in order by importance.

A) The migration of assets is non-functional. With the many versions of UE5 migration is a nightmare because it does not transfer everything.

You must provide us with migration tools that work 100%
or do not migrate, if there is an incompatibility the engine should tell us that it cannot migrate certain assets.

B) The link, There are important bugs when migrating from one project to another and especially the structures and the database which seems to lose the link between the BP node and the structures. When you have 10-15 databases and multiple BPs there are too many nodes to repair which makes the task impossible.

C) Deleting assets, some linked asset is impossible to delete from the editor, forcing the deletion to an instant crash. probably because of the broken link. This problem has existed since before 4.26 and has never been fixed.

D) Organization, Always everything must be placed in the content folder, it is impossible to put order if you have many asset packs. It is impossible to organize or put subfolders for example to sort all the assets of the same type. Fix Up Redirector doesn’t always seem to work in these circumstances.

E) VRAM, when the project is too big and takes a lot of memory, Unreal seems to have no limit and crashes the video card by disconnecting it, resulting in a crash. Why does the engine not check memory capacity and notify the user that it is approaching the hardware limit? Or why the engine doesn’t lower the quality of the environment automatically, yet everything is set to Auto.

F) Shaders, … shaders what to say… no way to stop shader compilation. impossible to choose the quality of the shaders to use in the editor… but no,… it must compile all the possibilities. You know we would develop much faster if we didn’t spend half of our time waiting for the compilation, You know that there are video game programmers who use Unreal and not only artists who do post processing. ?

I think I’m enumerating what most of us live on a daily basis and that since version 4. I’m very happy with version 5… but I would have liked at least some improvement on the workflow side.