UE5: Metahuman Face MOCAP Anim Sequences Freeze the Editor (Loading Forever)

My specs: RTX2080ti, Threadripper 32 cores, 128gb DDR RAM

QUICK UPDATE - This appears to be a UE5 issue only. This does not happen in UE4.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open UE5, add a metahuman
  2. Record a facial animation via IOS live link over 10 seconds. (Via take recorder or directly in FaceAnim_BP)
  3. Save and close editor
  4. Reopen the editor and attempt to open your anim sequence

Hey all!
Noticing a consistent problem. I’m attempting to piece together 2-3 facial mocap sequences for a project using the IOS arkit recording. After these successfully record, and you close the editor and reopen it, opening the anims themselves as individual sequence takes absolutely forever, especially if they are over 5 seconds.

I’m noticing that it’s always the second clip opened that freezes the editor to ungodly lengths. The first one does load eventually but the second always become a nightmare.

I’ve reproduced this multiple times but let me know if theres any advice or if this is just a bug.

Another issue seems to be that every take records 1,169 curves, but most of these are not in use. Almost all of them are flatline at 0 and I believe these shouldn’t be recorded in the take if they are going to cause such a massive shutdown of editor power.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

This is with Take Recorder? Is it compiling the animation?

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Yes the animation compiles fine. You can use take recorder or record via the FaceAnim_Bp.
I believe this simultaneously loads the anim in VRAM but once you close the editor and reopen it just doesn’t open. Noteable waits the longer the animation is and trying to reopen more than one.
This is only an issue UE5EA, so something changed in their anim sequence editor.

You might post in the UE5 feedback area as well

I had this same problem in UE5. I use UE 4.26.2 for recording face mocap and retgargeting and then migrate to UE5.

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This continues to be an issue in UE5 v2.
Once your project is corrupted, it is done, you cannot depend on it. You will slowly get more freezing un-openable maps and sequences/takes within that project. Simulating a scene, let alone play, can cause a freeze. Also, even right-clicking on an asset can freeze the project.

The best workaround I have found is abandon the project, and copy content to a new project.
The corruption almost acts like a virus, it starts in one map or take, and then more and more will start freezing. Copy what you can to a new project and continue from there. Any parts that did not work are lost and will act corrupted and likewise still freeze in a new scene they are copied into. Think of them like zombies.

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Yes definitely still an issue in UE5 Early Release 2, you can also find the sus animation.uasset in Explorer and hard delete it out. This of course could corrupt your project but it saved me from having to revert back to an older version the other day. Sticking to UE 4.26 for animation asset baking and then migrating them to UE5.

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