(UE5) Mesh paint Brush Size keyboard shortcut error, related technology additional request

Hello, I’m a 3D Environment artist. I’m using the latest 5 of Unreal Engine.

Currently, in Unreal Engine 5, the brush size adjustment shortcut key of mesh paint is set to ([,]), but there is no response even when pressed, so the same problem occurs even when the shortcut key is changed and executed. If I’m missing something, please tell me. However, if this is judged to be an engine error, I would appreciate it if you could fix it with an update.

I would like you to implement a system that can only paint invisible backside when using mesh paint. It’s like you’re using an editor to isolate each material element, or hide the material mesh and not paint it on the vertex. If I don’t know such a function, please give me a small hint. A system is needed to allow the mesh to be combined and imported to be applied in real time to only the parts needed on the engine (hide the parts that are not, or only the parts that are needed.

I’m not saying this because it’s easy to update the technology, but I believe that adding it to the engine will make it easier for everyone.
Thank you for reading this long article.

Ive also noticed the Mesh Paint Brush Tools shortcuts no longer function. :frowning:

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