[UE5] Media Player Issue

Hi, someone who is concerning this topic.

We are planning to play the mp4 file on Actor.

However, the mp4 file is not playing on Media Player but the aduio is playing.

This is specifically made issue in UE5.

I also tried directx 11 & 12, both of them. But the result was consequented.

Is there any opinion or propagation about it?

Many thanks

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yes .I found the same problem! but if you want play media . you can Open "Electa Player"Plugins. it can help your! I hope Unreal Will solution it.

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Same happens to me.

Media player won’t play the video from FileMediaSource, only the audio starts to play

I also encountered this problem!! I tried for a long time and didn’t solve it

I had a reply to my post saying it was a DX12 issue but it seems its not working for you even if you change it (i’ve not tried that). Defo a UE5 bug though. I’m starting to find multiple posts about this now.

It worked! We need to enable the “Electra player” plugin and it will work.

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