UE5 MAtrix - cinematics assistance please

I am new to UE5 - I have donwlaoded the marvellous MAtrix City and done a few test renders using Default views and cinematics.

HOWEVER - when I add my own camera and sequence to the same Level , the render is still get the original scene.
When I am in the Render view the Scene shows the correct new camera but a comment “no shot” appears next to the camera instance.
On the right hand side of the render settings I can see the City Lvl .
Scratching head
Many thanks for any assistance here .

You have to delete all other cameras and blueprint that start the ingame cinematic when you press play. Don’t remember the names deleted them a while ago. Try tracking in simulation mode what BPs ran.

Did you find solution? Going insane with the same issue…

For anyone else searching this issue - I wasn’t able to find the right blueprints to delete, but managed to use the pre-existing cinematic camera CONTENT>CINEMATICS in the city sample to render using the Movie Render Queue…