UE5-Main Ragdoll and Phat Editor strange behavior. All ragdolls broken

Getting very strange behavior trying to create new physics asset for character. Third Person Template PhysicsAsset has same problem…
Ragdoll curls up into ball.
Phat editor Simulate seems broken too - even single body not working.
Migrating existing working ragdoll from UE4 doesnt work either.

Has anybody had any decent ragdoll working in Chaos/UE5?

Thanks for any feedback

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fwiw Chaos Ragdoll works fine in the new 4.27 Chaos Build release… so looks like it is specifically a Ue5-main / Chaos problem

I just noticed the same thing and reported it as a bug within UE5. Seems to just be UE5 PHAT editor. In game the physics assets work as expected.

As a workaround if you add a phys body to the root object the body seems to simulate in PHAT just fine. Just have to remember to remove that extra phys body when your done editing the phys asset.

Was just working on ragdoll yesterday.
In my case i had no problems, but i do indeed use a phys body on the root.
Just add phys body to the root, then constraint to the pelvis. Make it kinematic-disable collision
And set all limits to free. This way you can keep it on the asset without issues.
Also momentum seems to be lost in switching to ragdoll so i just keep track of velocity of certain bones then when switching to ragdoll i apply the saved velocity as impulse to them. :slight_smile:

Hey. did you manage to get this working? If so can you please explain. I have tried the other suggestions but it is quite confusing to me. I am not too new to UE but still fairly. If you figured it out, can you please explain what you did exactly. Especially, for the physics body suggestions. Is it the physics body in the actual character BP or the Physics Asset. I am working with the third person starter content fyi. Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, its working fine for me.
To get a proper working ragdoll it is best to set it up from scratch.
At the end of the post i’l add a video by a channel “John Connor”
who made a good overview of how to create one.
In my project i have a ragdoll already setup, then i add a physics body to the root
of the skeleton. resize it so it is very small between the feet & set its physics from default to kinematic & set collision response to disabled. Add a constraint to it targeting the pelvis. The constraint itself has angular and linear limits all set to free.
Now i have no idea why this would fix any of the above said issues but since i do have this and am not having any issues its worth a try.
Also if you are working on ragdoll’s i would also add a gdc talk about physics from uncharted 4, its worth a look some good tips in there.:wink:
Let me know if it helped.