UE5-Main compile issues

There is bunch of slate related compiling issues on main branch :). Cloud we get them sorted out ?

Get from UE5-early-access branch .

We are wondering about UE5-Main compile issues being sorted. Not UE5-early-access.

From the information of other topic, the suggested steps are to get UE5-early-access, compile it successfully and then layer UE5-Main updates from specific engine sections.

That’s seriously going to be more pain than fixing main…

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i found my way here trying to know which ue5 branch to use. https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine#branches explains the other branches but i haven’t found anything for ue5. did i miss it?

do ue5 maintainers read this forum? if so can we get a README.md update to explain the difference between the ue5 branches? i’d just open an issue on the repo but that’s disabled for some reason?

@iniside what the explanation probably is is ue5-main is for active dev and more prone to being in a broken/uncompilable state, and ue5-early-access will get snapshots of it when it’s in a working state. for me that would explain the tag name convention 5.0.0-early-access-1, where a subsequent snapshotting from ue5-main to ue5-early-access would be named 5.0.0-early-access-2

that’s all speculation though and official docs in the README.md is best.

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ya i did it’s at Welcome To Unreal Engine 5 Early Access | Unreal Engine Documentation