UE5 Mac os feedback

First of all, amazing work everyone!

I just downloaded early preview and have simple project going on M1 Macbook air running latest OS.
Thought I’d drop few feedback points on experience so far

  1. Once project is open, it takes longer than UE4 to compile everything and for editor to become responsive / usable
  2. control+space shortcut is not working on mac (nor is cmd + space) to open asset explorer
  3. Closing the project / quitting still keeps 2 icons of unreal engine in the doc, they can only be closed through “Force close”. Clicking on them does nothing i.e. doesn’t open editor again
  4. For some reason there are 2 icons of unreal engine in the doc (not epic launcher, actual unreal engine icons)
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Unfortunately all four points apply on a high-performance 27" iMac (2019) as well. Same issues here.

Same here. Plus Lumen not working at all.

Anyone knows if Lumen (and Nanite) is on the roadmap for the Mac?

Same here, iMac 2017 64 GB RAM with Radeon Pro 580 8GB, no GI at all, nothing seems to work. Reading the Lumen docs seems to confirm that for now it only works for Windows.