UE5 Mac os feedback

First of all, amazing work everyone!

I just downloaded early preview and have simple project going on M1 Macbook air running latest OS.
Thought I’d drop few feedback points on experience so far

  1. Once project is open, it takes longer than UE4 to compile everything and for editor to become responsive / usable
  2. control+space shortcut is not working on mac (nor is cmd + space) to open asset explorer
  3. Closing the project / quitting still keeps 2 icons of unreal engine in the doc, they can only be closed through “Force close”. Clicking on them does nothing i.e. doesn’t open editor again
  4. For some reason there are 2 icons of unreal engine in the doc (not epic launcher, actual unreal engine icons)

Unfortunately all four points apply on a high-performance 27" iMac (2019) as well. Same issues here.

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Same here. Plus Lumen not working at all.

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Anyone knows if Lumen (and Nanite) is on the roadmap for the Mac?

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Same here, iMac 2017 64 GB RAM with Radeon Pro 580 8GB, no GI at all, nothing seems to work. Reading the Lumen docs seems to confirm that for now it only works for Windows.

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These exact 4 things are happening to me as well.

I fixed number 2 though -
Simply go to:
system preferences → SIRI → Keyboard Shortcut → OFF
system preferences → keyboard → Shortcuts → spotlight → turn off show spotlight search and show finder search window

I keep having to restart to remove the multiple instances of unreal engine closed projects in the dock.

Anyone have an update on when Lumen and Nanite will be available for Mac?

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Have you tried to “force close” the two unreal editors instead of restarting in order to close them? At least for me that works.

i have the same problem Lumen not working in mac os

Since the latest update, I haven’t had any spurious editors appear. However, to fix this, just do the following:


That brings up the Force Quit Applications window. There you can kill spurious processes.

Running iMac Pro (2017). The update fixes a lot of issues.

Does anyone know what the minimum MacOS requirement for UE5 is ;o ??? 4.25 still works like a charm on Mojave (souped-up cheese grater [classic] Mac Pro), but betting 5 is leaving Mojave behind… can’t find any specs though. Anyone know?

I’ve not turned on my Mac Cheese Grater on for a while. Running Mac Pro (2017) and UE5 on occasion will get it so the fans are REALLY LOUD (not to mention the occasional system crash — so not cool).

Granted I’m working with the partitioning for a large level so that may be part of the issue. It seems it sorta works until you use sculpting tools.

I’m experiencing the same issues with multiple instances launching and not completely quitting with Early Access 2. It doesn’t happen every time now but enough to be annoying.

Additionally, when I double-click projects listed in the Epic Games Launcher app, Finder is brought to the front and nothing else happens. Double-clicking the .uproject file does nothing. The only way to load up a project is to launch the engine and select from the project manager window.

Another way to force quit is to right-click the dock icon and hold down option for the alternate menu item to appear OR Control+Option+Left-Click the dock icon.

There is no chance to open two projects simultaneously because you can’t open a project by double-clicking on .uproject file.

The way you would do this on a Mac is duplicate the application (a horrendously horrible waste of space). While I have not done it with UE5 (seriously, one instance is hard enough to keep from crashing) I HAVE done it with other applications including ones by Apple.

Unity does allow to open many different projects running on the same engine version, so it’s probably possible to implement by the UE devs at some point.

Maybe there’s a temporary workaround by using the terminal (or an Automator/Siri shortcuts):

Haven’t tried but maybe would help to avoid having to duplicate massive apps.

Okay, now that I’ve had to rebuild UE4 and UE5 (for C++ — is there no way to change this without rebuilding the Editor? Seems rather silly, but that is what people keep saying you need to do), I can run multiple versions of UE4 and UE5 but they are different executables. So, yeah, what I said seems to be the case.