UE5 M1 Max optimizations

I just installed ue5 on my Mac book pro. I’ve seen videos of people getting 120 frames but for some reason I am only getting 30 frames max.
Anyone got tips to get ue5 to perform better on the m1 max or should I just wait for better apple silicon support?

Not really a Mac user, but I recently got a new windows machine and had similar thoughts. This is what I found.

In the project settings (edit-project settings) search for fps and find this…

Also editor performance can be tweaked here too, also found in project settings.

Currently my play in editor basically maxes out to 60fps.

You can go into Project Settings - Engine - General Settings and adjust these as well.

So play around with those and see what you get.


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that’s good. I am now getting high 30’s and 40