UE5 Lumen & Nanite Lighting Study

Hi everyone,
I’ve made a short cinematic to test Lumen in Unreal Engine 5.
This is a modified version of the Paragon Sample Map wich I used for my last project. I extended it, redid the lighting, upgraded the Assets and increased the detail significantly. Geometry is rendered with Nanite, lighting is of course Lumen and reflections are using ray tracing.

Some Stills:

Assets used:
Paragon Assets: Epic Games
Cobwebs Pack: Riptide 3D
Modular Human Skeleton: Game-Ready Characters
Additional Sound FX: freesound.org
Music: Hartwig Media



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wow that’s super gorgeous!
did you take the paragon assets and gave them much more detail in zbrush?
super cool project.

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The default demo map was looking awesome already, your version is again even better!

Excellent update there and the music fit’s very well too :smiley:

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Thanks man! Initially I planned to resculpt some of the bigger meshes but ultimately just layered smaller bricks and detail onto the bigger pieces directly in the editor together with some minor adjustments in Blender and AI upscaling some of the Textures/Normalmaps. Placed lots of scree and stones by hand and even smaller ones with the foliage tool. Also replaced the big rocks near the camera with Megascans high res meshes. But I kept it reasonable with this project. I could’ve gone way further without slowing down Nanite. It’s really incredible.

Here’s a comparison:


And after detailing:

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Thanks, Steve! Yeah the paragon map and assets are insane. I learned so much just looking at the materials.