UE5 - Loading Marketplace content with dense foliage results in a crash

Hey all! Quick one - i’ve tried a few marketplace levels such as Tropical Island and such - every single one crashes UE5 with the error - Assertion failed: RawMeshBulkData->IsEmpty() [File:D:/build/++UE5/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/StaticMeshSourceData.cpp] [Line: 110]

After going through the static mesh folders and deleting some and re-launching the project- its apparent that its caused by foliage meshes! If I delete them all, no crashing. Are there any quick fixes apart from deleting foliage and re-applying it?


same problem here, happens to me on every tree of the open world demo collection.

Me three… I am going to try and dump the intermediate folder to see if it helps. Still a bug that needs addressing though.

Hello, can you tell me the solution in detail? When I encounter this problem, I can’t open the project, and it will collapse at 95%

Any luck with that?

How do you solve this problem? Can you give me a video to help me? I also encountered the same error, but I don’t know which objects caused it,

HEY! So i found a fix - delete collision in a UE4 build, then re-import all the assets into the UE5 build. It seems to be an issue with the collision for the foliage!