UE5 Live Coding not work

I’ve enabled Live Coding, press Ctrl + Alt + F11 and it seem to work but nothing changed mirror to my UE5 Editor. When I press Quick Restart, no luck too. Here is my Live Coding logs:

Patch was loaded outside 2GB range and cannot be activated.
Patch could not be activated.
Compiled patches could not be installed (PID: 19312)
No PDB file found for module UnrealEditor-LiveCoding.dll. If this is a packaged build, make sure that debug files are being staged. Live coding will be disabled for this module.

Please help!

Hi @huyqpham,
There is a YouTube video which I followed, which works on my UE5EA VS2022 version.

(113) How To Enable Live Coding in Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube

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Are you remembering to save your changes in your code editor? You have to save your changes for live coding to pick up things.