UE5 landscape randomly breaks and looses landscape blocks

Hello everyone!

I have a following problem with UE5 landscape:

  • I have created empty project
  • Default map was the one with the mountains in the distance and big flat area
  • I entered landscape mode and tried to play with the layers values (visibility, alpha value)
  • Now my landscape starts randomly loose squares of itself with no visible logic. I will attach screenshots bellow where you can see how those missing landscape blocks visibility differs from camera angle perspective
  • So even if I am able to see landscape in the editor, when playing the character just goes through the floor

If I am to reload the level the following appears (camera is in the same direction as on the screens above)

If I go to the landscape mode the following window is appearing

After it stops loading we are back to the original problem from the first screenshots

Is it a known issue or what is going on here? Thanks in advance for any help provided! :pray: